Spin + Sculpt  

This class is 30 minutes on the bike then we sculpt muscles off the bike using dumbbells. All fitness levels welcome.


Move & Groove

This class includes aerobic and anerobic training. Rides are set to great music and incorporate resistance, intervals, and speed training as well as arm work. 


Total Body Strength

This is an off the bike full body resistance workout. This muscle conditioning class adds strength and builds muscle from head to toe. All fitness levels welcome.


Lunchtime Express

This is a 30 minute express class that takes place during the lunch hour. Take a break from your busy day and come burn calories with us.


Rhythm & Groove

This ride is a high-intensity cardio party with indoor cycling techniques combined with choreographed rhythmic moves to the beat of music.  


Benefit Ride

Let's give back!  These rides are fundraising opportunities that will benefit local and national organizations.